I have in stock palo cruzado natural gourd maracas. These  maracas are $95 for a pair and include a cloth pouch. I make palo cerrado maracas by request only and there is a $50 surcharge. Since 2011 I have sold over 200 pairs of maracas, here in the US, and internationally to Australia, UK, Sweden, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Germany, Finland, Japan and Canada. For more information about the totumo models, contact me by email. 

I use Canna Indica seed ("capachos") for my maracas. 

I have received requests for "espuma de sapo" seed. I do not carry this seed and I cannot get it. Espuma de sapo or frog froth literally translated is extremely hard to get, costing around $100 per pound. Having said this, 99.9 % of the joropo maracas you see being played on You Tube use capachos aka Canna Indica.  To make sure each maraca weighs  in the range of 90-125 grams, I use light density woods for the handle. These would include red cedar, basswood and butternut. All three of these are light and durable woods. I keep the length of the handles in the range of 5.5-6.5 inches(14-16 cm).
  Generally I use PayPal for domestic and international transacitons. 

The gourds for the natural totumo maracas come to me by way of a small town in Northern Colombia by name of Corozal. The totumos from that region are ideal for joropo maracas. Corozal is on google maps.

Totumos are matched for geometry and weight


Corozal Red